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Lodestars Anthology

Lodestars Anthology – Do, Interviews, Journal

We’re often asked why we travel, and the answer is simple … to eat! So we’re thrilled to be journeying south later this year with Carol Ketelson from Delectable Destinations, exploring the connection between flavour, culture and wanderlust. With this is mind, we sat down with Carol to discuss the joys of travel, business ownership and food. Continue reading

CNN Travel

Vietri sul Mare: The undiscovered Amalfi Coast 

Colorful towns cling to cliff faces, restaurant terraces offer breathtaking views, and blue waters sparkle into the distance. Vespas weave through cars on narrow mountain roads and the heady tang of lemons fills the warm air. After Italy’s big-city trilogy of Rome, Florence and Venice, the Amalfi Coast remains the most popular destination for visitors to the boot-shaped nation. Continue reading

World Footprints

During this COVID era when we haven’t been able to take flight to a land far away we’ve found creative ways to appease our wanderlust. We’ve embarked on virtual tours, and relived past travel journeys as we’ve scrolled through our photo streams and even traveled vicariously through the lens and stories of other travelers. Continue reading

A Journey to the Foodies’ Heaven – Jaipur, India


A Journey to the Foodies’ Heaven

Our very own Pink City, which is famous for its food, architecture, heritage and history, has not just appealed to the ones who live here, but to every person who visits. A group of women travellers landed in the Pink City on Wednesday, and Carol Ketelson, founder of Delectable Destinations, who curates culinary and cultural trios took them for a food tour in the walled city. Continue reading

NTA Courier

Food for the soul: culinary tours of India

Delectable Destinations offers customized small group tours to India, each with itineraries planned by Carol Ketelson, European culture and culinary arts specialist. Ketelson teaches travelers the art of preparing food for the soul and body, and the history and passion behind many of India’s well-known dishes. Continue reading

Darling Magazine


5 Bucket List Experiences That Every Foodie Will Crave 

There are certain experiences that are a must for anyone food-obsessed. You know those unforgettable moments when you take a bite of something, taste the abundance of flavors dancing around your palate, and savor each bite as if it could last forever? It’s the kind of moment when nothing could be better. This bucket list is all about those moments and the beautiful destinations they take place in. Continue reading

Shanea Savours

If you are tired of large group, canned itinerary trips, and instead seek a smaller group with a more attentive host, and a slower pace where you can savour local tastes – this may be just the thing for you. Personally, I like to be able to go off the beaten path and get the chance meet both local cooks and internationally-renowned chefs – this is exactly the kind of experience that Carol creates. With her network of great contacts, she can arrange exclusive adventures not normally open to the public. She arranges trips to world-famous vineyards, olive groves, and orchards, while also including visits to cultural landmarks that are not always available to the average tourist. Continue reading

The Yummy Life


One of the things that sets Carol’s tour apart is the small size of the touring group. She includes a maximum of 7 people on her tours. That way we could all fit in a small passenger van. Most importantly, the small group size meant that we could visit places that would never be able to accommodate large touring bus groups. Our expert driver, Roberto of Amalfi Coast Destination, transported us to one fabulous location after another. Roberto was so much more than a driver–he added fun, flair and festive Italian-American music to the trip that resulted in laughter-filled sing-alongs as we drove along the narrow, winding roads of the coast. That’s amore! Continue reading

Eating Italy Food Tours


Great ingredients, passion and love—the perfect recipe for delicious food.

Growing up in a home with an amazing cook for a mother, I could always count on enjoying a delicious homemade meal and for as long as I can remember, delicious food has been a true love of mine. Continue reading

Canada’s Top 100

No wonder she looks so happy – Carol Ketelson has everyone’s dream job. Her company Delectable Destinations offers carefully curated culinary travel expeditions to locations like Spain, Italy, and India. These trips are meticulously planned to offer an intimate experience that will surprise and delight. With food tourism all the rage (a survey commissioned by the World Food Travel Association found that of the 170 million leisure travelers in the U.S., more than 30 percent chose trips based on the availability of culinary activities), here’s your chance to look at culinary travel through the eyes of an insider. Continue Reading

Costco Connection


COSTCO member Carol Ketelson has mastered the art of reinvention. Twice, in fact. A dental assistant by day, a pas- sionate traveller the rest of the time, Ketelson left the tooth biz in 1999 to organize hundreds of large medical conferences around the world. In 2009, she used her great planning skills to launch Delectable Destinations (delectable, bringing small groups of up to seven people on customized culinary trips to Italy (Tuscany, the Amalfi Coast and Puglia) and Spain. Continue reading

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Delectable Destinations began with a focus on Italian culinary holidays; however, owner Carol Ketelson made her first foray into the world of Andalusian gastronomy in 2014 and has since expanded into India as well. Delectable Destinations has delivered numerous successful tours in Andalusia to date, and strengthened the vital network of contacts and collaborators along the way. Carol personally accompanies every group, always limited to an intimate number, creating a bespoke and personable experience that never plays out the same way twice and guarantees a high level of attention and engagement for every guest. Continue reading

The Suburban

Carol Ketelson organized medical conferences for doctors, and found herself in Ravello, a town situated above the Amalfi Coast in the province of Salerno, Campania, southern Italy, with approximately 2,500 inhabitants. Continue reading


Pour un séjour haut de gamme en compagnie de voyageurs qui viennent de partout en Amérique du Nord, la Montréalaise Carol Ketelson, fondatrice de l’agence Delectable Destinations, vous convie à certaines dates. Italie – en Toscane, sur la côte amalfitaine et dans les Pouilles (Puglia), et Espagne – en Andalousie, pour des séjours culinaires hors de l’ordinaire. Continue reading